If you’re visiting Mpumalanga, chances are that you’re here to indulge in the great African outdoors.  Why not notch that experience up a level with a walk along one of the many hiking trails in the area. From leisurely half day strolls to technical multi-day treks, there is a trail to suit everyone.

For those looking for only a taste of the outdoor experience, the estate upon which Muluwa Lodge is situated has a crisscrossing network of dirt trails, providing short walks which take guests through the scenic Lowveld landscape, allowing them to mingle with the resident on-site wildlife.

Mountain Biking

Mpumalanga is both one of the best and most beautiful mountain-biking spots in South Africa.  A wealth of trails provides tracks of varying difficulty, giving both novice and expert riders something to perfectly suit their riding ability.

Whatever your preference, the treasure trove of bike trails available in the area allows avid riders to enjoy the bushveld scenery from the saddle.

Muluwa Lodge offers some gentle on-site biking opportunities thanks to a network of dirt tracks on the property.  Perfect for an early morning pick-me-up before breakfast.

The Hide

On the banks of the Estate’s dam, not far from the main building at Muluwa Lodge, is the MAC Hide. The Hide gives our guests a secluded hideout from which they can observe the resident wildlife congregating at the watering hole. The luckiest visitors get to see the awkward split-like stance taken by the giraffe as its head has to travel almost 6 metres down to enjoy a drink.

Water attracts not only big game, but throngs of bird-life too. The Hide is a bird-watcher’s paradise as the area’s feathered visitors drink, bathe and fish at the Dam.


What better way to end off a day of game viewing or visiting Mpumalanga’s many sights than from our sunset hill, which has an unbeatable view over the Lowveld.

Guests do however, need access to a 4×4 vehicle to access this area.

Muluwa can assist with setting up a surprise, or prepare for a special occasion upon request.

Trail Running

If you are in search of something faster than the gentle strolling pace of a hike but slower than the thundering speed of a mountain bike, you are in luck.
Short and technical, long meandering and everything in between, Mpumalanga offers a host of trail running options suitable for everyone from novice to expert.