The Kruger National Park is not only South Africa’s most significant wildlife reserve, but also it’s most famous. Stretching across large swaths of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, with the borders of Zimbabwe to the north and Mozambique on its eastern fence, it covers an area of 20,000 glorious kilometres of untamed Africa.

The Big Five

Home to the Big Five, the Kruger National Park offers visitors the opportunity to view no less than 143 other mammal species in their natural habitat. For those more interested in flighted wildlife, it is a noted bird lover’s paradise, providing the “Big Six” of birding – the holy grail of African bird-spotting.

A short 50-minute drive from Muluwa lodge brings our visitors to the nearby Phabeni Gate, where your Kruger adventure starts. You can self-drive in the Kruger, or allow us to arrange a full or half day Kruger experience in a guided game vehicle, which is highly recommended, as you can learn about South African wildlife as you encounter them.

Nature takes no holidays, and as such, the Kruger Park provides a year-round destination with each season offering a unique spectacle. Summer rains in November & December provide lush greenery, newborn animals and excellent birding. The dry winter period of April to September provide sparser vegetation which makes for better game viewing. During this period, wildlife congregates close to remaining water sources.

Whenever you choose to visit, the Kruger National Park offers endless glimpses of South Africa’s wilderness in all its beauty.